About This Site

Hazen Family Portrait This Web site for is for the family, friends, and well-wishers of Lisa, Shawn, and Finn Hazen (and our mutt, Santos). But especially Finn. Because he's our brilliant baby and we're in love with him. Indulge us. We're first-time parents. Here, you'll find information about Finn's likes, dislikes, and daily events. We'll show way too many photos of our dog kissing the baby, which you may think is adorable or may object to depending on how you feel about dogs. We will post photographs of Finn naked in the bathtub and celebrate the cuteness of each chubby little limb since he is too young to object. We will juxtapose hilarious photos of him with various characters and celebrities. In short, we have it coming when he grows up. We recently moved from Oakland, California to Chicago, Illinois. Shawn is a Design Director for Remedy. Since moving from California, I started up my own freelance design and writing biz. Santos is currently unemployed, but does devote a great bit of time pursuing his his hobby of exploring the olfactory arts (i.e. sniffing everything from his rear end to corners of the couch). Finn doesn't work--we work for him. Drop us a line and tell us you think Finn's a genius, too!