New Stuff

A Blog is Born
At press time (8/26/05), the baby has not yet arrived.* But when he does, you can read about every gurgle, poop, and feeding here.
August 2005

Bay Area Baby Shower
Showered with gifts and friends in a wonderful shower hosted by Meg and H. (And no games! Well, one, but it was a cool one and very funny).
July 2005

Cleveland Baby Shower
Katy and Lisa threw one awesome shower, complete with homemade calzones and delicious cake (and rum punch for those who could partake). Mmmmmm.
June 2005

A second-trimester trip to Chicago for a shower for Amy.
April 2005

Shawn goes for work, I go for fun and do my own Lost-In-Translation thing.
March 2005

Honeymoon Photos!
Snapshots from our wonderful visit to Mexico's Mayan Riviera.
July 2004

Wedding Photos are In!
Check them out here.
July 2004

Spa Weekend
The girls gather in Calistoga for massages, mudbaths, and star sightings.
June 2004

Buy my new book!
Against my better judgment, I wrote another, entitled Web Design That Works: Secrets to Successful Web Design. If nothing else, write a glowing reader review on Amazon.

Buy Design for Interaction
Two years later, this qualifies as my "old book". Still available and an excellent gift-giving idea!