The Holidays in Cleveland

Apparently, not much has changed since we were 18. I still got tackled when I tried to go home early and everyone ended up drunk and singing to Nick playing TV theme songs on the piano. Here are a bunch of photos from a weekend back home.

Three Girls

Me with Ann and Aim.

Group Shot #1

A group shot in front of that freaky talking wreath.

Amy's coy

Amy plays it coy with Nick.

Group shot #2

Another group shot where we actually get Danny in the pic.

Three boys

Nick, Bob, and Dave.

West Side Market

The group at the West Side Market.

Dave with ham

Dave brandishes the $4.99/lb. proscuitto.

Shots all around

Annie looking like a wuss sipping wine while the boys do shots.

Earthy Ann

My favorite Alaskan.

Group #3

Another shot at the market.

Table shot

Aim, Danny and Nick.

Lisa pissed.

Not from the weekend, but Nick insisted that I scan this in and include it. From Mock Thanksgiving.