Halloween Weekend

Halloween only fueled the bender following my book submission. These photos are from a hilarious San Francisco weekend.

Scary pumpkin

With the enormous scary pumpkin in the Castro.

the four of us

Me as Mona Lisa, Rita as an Indian woman, Brenda as a Star-Bellied Sneech and Louise as a fortune-teller.

With Sir Elton

Karen as Sir Elton at her party.

Mona drinks

Even Mona needs to kick back sometimes.

At the Metro

Shelley, Dave, etc. outside at the Metro.
With Diego

Diego Rivera lends a hand. (Not shown, Frida Kahlo.)
Finding Dene

Somehow, we found Dene in the Castro.
Hooters girls

With the Hooters "girls."

With Van Gogh

With Van Gogh.

Drunk Van Gogh

A different Van Gogh proves that Impressionists can't handle their liquor.


Two (real) cops in the Castro pose as Mona. I absolutely love that the cop on the right is holding the board, but looks totally businesslike. You've got to love San Francisco.


Some guy as Mona #1.

Another guy

Some guy as Mona #2.

Mona with a beard

Dave as Mona #3.