True Baggermania

Here are some pictures from the Baggerman family reunion in Aspen, Colorado.

Wagar Beach

Not at all Wagar Beach.


Ann with all those pillows I ordered from room service.


An ancient petroglyph outside Kona.

Look how cute Ann is!

A cute picture of Ann in front of a cave.

Farmer's market.

Stopping to smell the flowers at the farmers' market.


Ann buying papayas as someone bends over for the picture.

Uncle Billy's

The view outside our window at Uncle Billy's Seaside resort.

And the combination kitchen/bathroom inside.

Waipio overlook.

The three of us before our hike in Waipio Valley.


A shot of the beautiful shoreline.

Black sand beach.

Ann and Amy on the black sand beach below.

Botonists' heaven.

Ann in botonist's heaven.