Hawaii Part II

Snorkeling, volcanos, and Green Sands Beach.

Amy suits up.

Amy suits up for a good snorkel.

Snorkel pic.

Me snorkeling .

School of fish.

Swimming through a school of fish.

Rainbow fish!

We see a Rainbow Fish sitting on a coral reef.

Snobby snuba.

Ann tethered to her snobby snuba setup.

All wet.

The three of us after snorkel/snuba.

Steam rising

Steam rising out of the volcano's crater (now we're at the volcano).

Goodbye road.

Where the lava flow cut off the road.

Night hike.

A night hike to watch the lava flow into the ocean.


The sun setting over the volcano.

Lava tube.

Amy and Ann inside a (dormant!) lava tube.


Ann and I walk off into the sunset at Green Sands Beach.