Shafter Ave.

More images and some home movies!

A panoramic view.

A tour of our pad (complete with funky wipes between scenes)! 11 MB, so make sure you have a fast connection.

The living room. (4 MB)

Our room (3.2 MB)

Kitchen (2 MB)

My office (1.8 MB)

Out back (2.7 MB)

Incidentally, I know these are extremely boring home movies, but I'm testing out my funky new camera until something exciting happens. Better download QuickTime if you haven't already.

Isn't she cute? Here she is from the front.

And from the other side.

Living room and foyer

And the other side (and fireplace).

One view of the dining room.

And the other side.

The kitchen.

And bedroom.

The back deck.

And garden (it's much bigger now).