A Weekend in Monterey, etc...

When Bob came to visit, we stayed in Monterey with a real-life native, his college friend, Steve. Here's are some snaps from Steve's great tour.

Three of us on the beach.

The three of us on the beach at dusk in Monterey.

A dramatic picture of the boys atop rocks on the beach.

Bob with his badge.

Investigator Bob Troy brandishes his badge.

Your worst nightmare.

It's your worst nightmare--me with a badge.

The Big Sur coast along Highway 1.

Bob and I.

Bob and I in Big Sur.


The three of us captured with the self-timer.

Cameras aplenty.

Me taking a picture of Steve taking a picture of Bob taking a picture.

Bob with camera.

Bob photographing at low tide.

Three of us perched.

The three of us perched on a huge rock on the beach in Big Sur.