Tahoe Ski Weekend

We took advantage of alcohol's effect at high altitudes and banged up our legs at Squaw Valley on a fun ski weekend.


The gorgeous view of the mountains and lake on a really sunny day.

Other side of the lake

And the view from the other direction.

Easy route

Barb points out the easy route. Note to self: Any run with the word "Siberia" in it is not easy.


Barb and I joust at the top of the mountain.

On skiis

Me with Barb and Phil at the top of a run.

Mountain peak

A lopsided view of the peak.

Drinkin' beer

We ran into Karen and Bob just in time for beers in the lodge.

Smile and say Baggermania

Smile and say, "Baggermania."

Karen and Bob

Karen and Bob snuggle.

Pettin' the skin

Rita strokes the animalskin in our cabin.


Dave and Phil play "Girltalk."

Snow out the window

The view out our cabin window, obscured by several feet of snow.