Vega$, Baby

A trippy skip through the strip.

We pretty much just walked around the strip when we first got there.

Periodically stopping to play slots. (So close!)

Shawn had a close call at Excaliber.

Beholding the majesty of the Luxor.

There were naked ladies everywhere.

Walking the Strip.

Around the world in a day. In "Venice."

Once again, Shawn's in trouble in the stocks.

Sigfried, Roy, and their newest apprentice.

Getting my fortune told.

I'm telling you, the place is beyond trippy.

This is where we stayed—the Monte Carlo.

Shawn's first album cover.

And the second.

The requisite white tiger at the magic show.

And my big moment, posing with Rick Thomas, master magician.

Lady Liberty among palm trees.

The first option on the ATM is to take out $100.

I love this photo of Shawn amidst the hustle and bustle.

We will always remember!