The Sexy Side of Routers
Macworld magazine, January 2001

It’s not a fad diet, trendy spa or hot new club that has celebrities buzzing. One visit to, the online magazine for Cisco professionals, and you’ll discover that actually Cisco routers are the talk of Tinseltown. You’ll find Elizabeth Hurley breathlessly touting the advantages of the Cisco 2600 and Alicia Silverstone’s tutelage on how to set up ISDN calls (duh!). These lighthearted, faux, interviews are the work of the Router God himself, Richard Haskins, a technical instructor specializing in Cisco products. Haskins designed the interviews to give a little star glitter to potentially dry subject matter. He wryly notes he’s received fan mail from some of the featured celebs—so maybe celebrity router enthusiasts aren’t so far-fetched.