Meet the Abneys!
A wedding that is the best thing since Pawpurrs.

Introducing the Abneys!

I love this picture of the giggly bride.

Paul with a Katy/ie sandwich.

Katie and Wendell.

Catherine and Mike.

With Shawn.

With Paul and Jen.

Katie and Erin.

Erin, Sara, Herb, Erin, and Lees.

Herbie and Jeff.

Friends from elementary school! Melanie, Ginny and Heather.

With Lisa and Sara.

Katie, Wendell, Catherine, Mike.

With Bushie.

Heather, Mike, Beth, and Mason.

Bush's mom and aunt.

After dinner was over, Katie signaled it was time to party.

I've perhaps only seen dancing like this at Lisa's wedding.

Bush, saying "You want a piece of this?"

Todd, Katy, and Norm.

Jenny flashes gang signals.

The Abneys dance (please note Erin dirty dancing on the left).

Bush and Catherine.

Catherine dirty dancing.

I love this one of Erin.

Peter's got moves.

Sara, doing some head-shaking.

Paul Sullivan (har de har har).

Even I was dancing up a storm.

Jen gives me a piece of her mind.

Lisa, Sara and Herb.

I can't tell you how much I miss Sara.