Margot and Matt Get Hitched!

Loooove was in the air August 29 in Adams County, Ohio. Here are some pictures from the classiest event you've seen since Flemming and Dobbs tied the knot.

The farmer takes a wife--at least, we think that's Matt. (Overheard, "Baby, we got all married today!"--Margot)

Margot flanked by her 'maids.

These four after everyone else has left.

Here are the grrrrrls--celebrating the first of us to get hitched.

Margot dresses the part.

One of the many pictures of little Sophia (here acting shy with Sam).

Trent, Bish, Erik and Kara!

Margot has clearly done something amusing here.

The band refused my request to play "Devil Went Down to Georgia."

Saucy Phil and Barbarajane.