Katie and Wendell's Wedding

It was an amazing weekend of love, flowers, and Oysters Rockefeller. Here are just a few of the highlights.

The couple at the rehearsal.

The gorgeous couple at the rehearsal dinner.

All the O.U. girls.

All the O.U. girls at the rehearsal.

Katie radiant.

Katie looking radiant.

Slack jaw--right!

Katie BARELY humors me for a slackjaw picture.

In the street.

Lisa, Sara, and Shawn on Bourbon St.

Funny hats.

Nothing's funnier that little hats.

Before the wedding.

Before the wedding with the bride.

Fluffed-up Katie.

Katie gets fluffed up by the photographer.


The bridesmaids waiting to be photographed.


Mr. and Mrs. LeGaurdeur!

Katie and I.

Katie and I at the reception.


Dancing at the reception.

Bush and Virginia

Bush and Virginia outside the reception.

With my Baby.

With Shawn at the reception.