Congratulations, Lisa and Peter!!!!

I think it goes without saying that this was a nutty, wonderful weekend.
Here are some pictures from the last wedding from this group will see for a while.

Here's the darling couple the night of the rehearsal dinner and before things got out of hand.

Bring me your tired masses, yearning to breathe free...

Here are Carrie and I before we started trying to be funny with that ventriloquist act.

And here's Sara with that hot 21-year-old cousin of Peter's.

No comment.

A group shot of Lees with her 'maids (except me).

And Bushyeager says that I'm the one who slack jaws.

Here's where I humor her.

Lees and I looking like we'll kick your ass for looking at us the wrong way.


Here's Tom looking like he's in the bachelor's lounge.

This should teach all of you to trust me with your husbands.

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