Portfolio Samples

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Samples, I've got samples! Here are various Web designs created for chroniclebooks.com.

Interview with Jan Lorenc of Lorenc + Yoo Design, I.D. Magazine, November 2002
Meet a designer who has what it takes to go the distance—25 years in 2003. Discover how he got here.

Macs at Work, Macworld, October 2002
This devoted magazine publisher produces his glossy four-color magazine on a 400MHz Mac. How does he do it?

Workspace feature: Bradbury Branding and Design, HOW, November 2002
This Saskatchewan-based design firm occupies an old firehall. They brought this historic property into the 21st century with a thoughtful modern redesign.

USM Modular Store Opening, I.D. Magazine, April 2002
See how and where this Swiss company planted its roots in New York City.

Introduction to Web Design That Works, pub November 2001
My second book tackles the elusive notion of just what it is that makes a Web site successful. When writing this book, I focused on four different possible types of sites—content, ecommerce, portals, and promotional. Using more than twenty sites as case studies, I deconstructed what made these sites work and pulled out tips other designers can incorporate into their own work.

Review from Communication Arts, January-February 2002
I was thrilled to read this. And to be declared refreshingly free of code!

Interview with The Creative Group
It's kind of fun to be on the other side of the interview process for a change. This interview ran in August 2001.

Introduction to Design For Interaction, pub July 2000
During much of 1999, I worked on what would be my first book, Design For Interaction. The book explores the concept of user interface design beyond Web design, expanding its scope to print, products, and environments. Read here from the introduction and discover why your VCR probably has an inherently flawed design.

Sample Chapter from Design For Interaction, pub July 2000
One of the best parts of writing the book was interviewing the free spirits and technological optimists at Singapore's PetWORKS studio. Here's how they created possibly (literally) the world's warmest and fuzziest email client, in the form of a pink bear named Momo.

"Designer's Guide to San Francisco" HOW conference, May 2001
Since I consider myself an amateur San Francisan Bon Vivant, I was more than willing to write up a sight-seeing tour for the designers who would be visiting the city for the HOW conference. This piece is the result of years of tireless research—Cosmos slurped in the hippest bars, spa treatments in Japantown, and many a lunch hour spent trolling the establishments of Union Square. I knew all that hard work would pay off someday.

"It's in the Bag" I.D. magazine, January 2002
Interviewing the darling handbag designer of b.shigley designs was a blast. This young designer is completely self-made and seems awed (and thrilled) by the attention her designs have received. I tried to capture that energy in this piece.

"Good Enough to Eat" I.D. magazine, January 2002
I love it when editors call me with assignments like this one. Clare Crespo is a free-spirited Southern Californian artist whose medium of choice is crochet, and subject of choice? Food.

"The Sexy Side of Routers" Macworld magazine, January 2001
I wrote a few of these short and sweet site reviews for Macworld magazine.

"Geeking Out" HOW magazine, August 1999
Along the same lines, the Web is a great way to toot your own horn and show your stuff. Here's an article that tells you how—one tip even involves getting your friends drunk and giving them a bunch of Post-Its!

Hunt Design Associates Profile: HOW magazine, November 2000
I was thrilled to talk to the design firm responsible for creating the quintessential Vegas entertainment complex: Paris Las Vegas. Here's a profile of a Pasadena design firm that gets some wonderfully fun clients.

Personal Jukebox Review: I.D. magazine, September 2000
Well, reviewers aren't always lucky enough to get review units of the cool gadgets they write about, but I didn't want to take that out on the readers of I.D. magazine. Here's a look at the MP3-lover's dream player.

Vindigo Review: I.D. magazine, September 2000
Thanks to the folks at Vindigo, you no longer need your well-connected friends to turn you on to the hip new restaurants in your neighborhood. Here's a review of an ingenious Palm application that recommends restaurants, bars, movies, and tells you how to get there.

"Winning Web Sites" Forbes Impress, Spring 2000
There are some Web sites that small businesspeople should consult as often as any business magazine. Here's a list of the ten best, covering everything from marketing to venture capital.

Interview with David Byrne, Chroniclebooks.com
You've got to love a job that asks you to interview rock stars over dinner at San Francisco's hippest restaurants. Here's a quick interview done over fois gras with former Talking Head (and current Chronicle Books author) David Byrne.

Interview with William Wegman, Chroniclebooks.com
The same goes for famous artists. Here's a quick Q&A with William Wegman (he let me call him Bill), while his famous Weimaraners barked in the background.

Interview of me by Newsclassifieds, December 1997
Here's an interview done of me during my time at HOW magazine with NewsCorps.