Photo Index

Bay Area Baby Shower
Showered with gifts and friends in a wonderful shower hosted by Meg and H. (And no games! Well, one, but it was a cool one and very funny).
July 2005

Cleveland Baby Shower
Katy and Lisa threw one awesome shower, complete with homemade calzones and delicious cake (and rum punch for those who could partake). Mmmmmm.
June 2005

A second-trimester trip to Chicago for a shower for Amy.
April 2005

Shawn goes for work, I go for fun and do my own Lost-In-Translation thing.
March 2005

Honeymoon Photos!
Snapshots from our wonderful visit to Mexico's Mayan Riviera.
July 2004

Wedding Photos are In!
Check them out here.
July 2004

Spa Weekend
The girls gather in Calistoga for massages, mudbaths, and star sightings.
June 2004

Happy Birthday to Meee
Friends gather for my birthday BBQ.
May 2004

A Wedding Shower
I'm showered with friends and gifts at a party hosted by Molly and Aim.
April 2004

Chicago 2003
The Thailand group is reunited at Hollywood Beach and Bob's backyard. And Owen Wilkins charms the visitors.
July 2003

Thailand trip!
This just in--check back day by day--I'll be adding until it is a multimedia extravaganza!
February-March 2003

My favorite people under two feet tall in Columbus, Ohio.
January 2003

Meet Santos L. Halper
He's 30 solid pounds of puppy love and we couldn't love him more.

September 2002

Babies, Germans, and S'mores
Just another Chicago reunion.
May, 2002

BBQ and Badminton
BBQ in the Oakland sun
May, 2002

Vega$, Baby!
Tag along with the high rollers.
April, 2002

Galapagos Pictures!
Turtles! Boobies! And more!
March, 2002

Happy Birthday, Marlena!
Oysters and a gorgeous Spring day in Tomales Bay.
March, 2002

Gibbie's Film Production
Hugh, you crazy fool!
February, 2002

Heather's Birthday
Pictures from Heather's surprise birthday party.
February, 2002

Skiing (and falling)
From when Rita, Amy and I went skiing in Lake Tahoe.

February, 2002

New Camera
OK, so these snaps aren't particularly exciting, just life around the house and hiking and such, but I do love my new camera. January 2002

Our House
In the middle of our street. New pictures and downloadable movies! January 2002

Enjoy these photographs from when Shawn and I crossed the border for much-needed R&R. We were very lucky to be able to stay with Bryan and Allison and see Jenn and Alan as well. See what happens when a bunch of gringos spend too much time in the sun. August 2001

Lisa's Boat Party
Join Lisa Wilkins for her 30th and see for yourself how fabulous she is. June 2001

Mixed Bag(germania)
The girls try their hand at making sushi, a trip to Cleveland for Mom's graduation (congratulate her!), and my booksigning. May-June 2001

A Trip to Chicago
A reunion of sorts at Lisa and Peter's new place. August 2000

Summer 2000
A trip to Mendocino with Shawn and camping on Angel Island with the girls. June 2000

Baggerman Family Reunion
The Baggermen all meet in Aspen, Colorado. June 2000

Mom and Clint Visit
Mom and Clint go West. May 2000

A visit to the Big Easy after Katie and Wendell's wedding. April 2000

Hawaii, Part One and Part Two
Exploring Hawaii with Amy and Ann. March 2000

New Year's Eve
Ringing in the new millennium on Stinson Beach. January 2000

Whale Watching
Whale watching and Dramamine in Monterey, California. January, 2000

Cleveland Reunion
A reunion of sorts at Nick's in Cleveland. January 2000

Bob's Visit
Photos from when Bob visited and we ventured south to Monterey. November 1999

Halloween Pictures and Best Costumes
Hilarious photographs of this most San Francisco of holidays. October 1999

Jane's Drag Celebration
Jane's the least made up at this Drag Queen pre-wedding celebration. September 1999

Summer in Tahoe
Tahoe's even better in the summer, especially if you have Bush with you. July 1999

Skiing in Tahoe
Photos from a ski weekend. February 1999

Hiking the Tennessee Valley Trail
Amy, Rita, and I hike the Tennessee Valley Trail in Marin. October, 1999

Goodbye Party
Saying goodbye to Cincinnati before the big move out West. June, 1998